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Reception children discuss Take One Picture

Reception children discuss Take One Picture

The children have loved our Take One Picture focus this week. We have been discussing what it means to have an ‘opinion’ and we all decided whether we did or did not like the painting and gave our reasons why. It has been lovely to see so many children have a go at independent writing this week and be so proud of their achievements. In Maths, we have been telling the time, focussing on the clock we could see in the painting. We have all had a go at making our own split pin clocks and making them say lots of ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ times. Some even had a go at making their clock tell the quarter to and past times. In Forest School, the children were excited to discover the ‘Forest Story Circle’ and the new mud kitchen in the Foundation Stage garden. We were pleased to welcome Mrs Szulc back to school on Friday with baby Letty-Love for our Science lesson as part of our ‘Growing up’ theme. The children were keen to ask lots of questions about caring for Letty-Love and the things she can do now and will learn to do as she gets older. As you will have read in the letter your child has brought home today, there are no home activity sheets this weekend as we have sent home a family tree that we would like you to complete together highlighting the important and close members of your family. We will be using these as part of the Take One Picture exhibition on Saturday 11th March. A small reminder to send in any ‘sepia’ family photos to school by Friday 3rd March. Have a good weekend!

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