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Reception - Expressing ourselves

Reception - Expressing ourselves

In Reception, we have been doing lots of exciting activities based around this Wellbeing Week’s theme of ‘Express Yourself’. In English, we have been practising our penmanship, transforming into authors and innovating the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, putting each of our individual twists on the classic tale. In Maths, we have been exploring numbers and shapes in all sorts of creative ways, from making a jam sandwich to counting all of the shoes in our homes!

As ever, we have been doing a lot of arts and crafts too - creating wonderful Picasso-inspired self-portraits in art, creating Kindness cards to help spread some joy to our friends and family and designing our own superheroes that would certainly contribute to making the world a better, more kind place.

Many of us have had a marvellous time following the Gateway’s Gift for Good Mental Health challenge and have been sharing pictures of delicious baked goods, focused bird-watching, steady breathing and flower planting. I think many of us will enter this weekend feeling inspired, relaxed and full of smiles!

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