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Reception focus on the push and pull forces

Reception focus on the push and pull forces

Another week has flown by in Reception and we have certainly been very busy! As part of our Science focus this week we have been learning lots about the forces of pushing and pulling. We looked at a variety of objects from our classroom and had to decide if they needed to be pushed or pulled to make them work or move. We then created a class venn diagram to show our findings. We had great fun using the cars and ramps too and experimenting to make the cars travel as far as possible. The children investigated the pull of a magnet and thoroughly enjoyed the magic trick of making a magnet move on top of a piece of paper with a hidden magnet underneath.

Witches and wizards day proved to be a brilliant day on Friday and it was so lovely to see the children really get involved. Listening to ‘Room on the Broom’ got us in the witchy mood and we tried our hand at creating our own plaits and weaving materials and creating 2d shape witch pictures. We loved everyone’s costumes and enjoyed our parade in the morning.

We are all very much looking forward to our trip to Bekonscot Model Village next Friday and all the details can be found in the weekly bulletin you received both last week and this week. If you have any further questions please ask your child’s class teacher.

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