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Reception focus on the properties of 2D shapes

Reception focus on the properties of 2D shapes

2d shapes and their properties have been the focus in Reception this week. We have been investigating squares, triangles and rectangles. We have also extended our knowledge by looking at pentagons, hexagons and octagons. Vocabulary such as corners, sides, equal, same, parallel and tesselate, have been used during discussions and revisit during independent playtime. We have enjoyed sorting 2d shapes and also making our own ‘shape animals’ which we were very proud of, so much so we decided to put them up on display! The use of the class set of Magna tiles have prepared the children well, with some children already recognising that by fitting 2 triangles together they can make a square! Finally, we would like to welcome back Mrs Brameld! It has been lovely to have you back in Reception during the week as our LSA and getting to know our fantastic class so well.

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