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Reception keep a close eye on the weather

Reception keep a close eye on the weather

Reception have been keeping a close eye on the weather forecast this week! Every morning we have been looking at the information on the Met Office website and discussing why it is important to know what the weather is going to be each day. We have been thinking about keeping safe in the cold weather and how the weather determines what clothes we need to wear. It is great to see many of the children are now able to do up their own coat zips and get themselves ready for break times independently. On Thursday, the small group of 5 Reception children who braved the weather, still had fun at school and made their own winter collage pictures and winter hedgehogs out of clay. These activities will be revisited next week with the rest of the class and the children who made them will act as the teachers and give out the instructions on how to make them! I hope you have enjoyed the few days in the snow, keep warm and safe and I look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday.

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