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Reception learn what the word 'diameter' means

Reception learn what the word 'diameter' means

We can’t quite believe another week has come to an end. Even the children are saying that the days are flying in Reception! The maths word of the week has been ‘Diameter’ and the children have enjoyed learning about this new word and what it actually means. We have been using string to find the diameter of different sized circles and Miss Byrne took the children down to the school field with the trundle wheel and measuring the diameter of our Year Group ‘elbow circle’. You may even have heard about ‘Daniel the friendly dragon’ who lives down near the bottom field!

We have also been talking about money and introducing the value of each coin up to 10p. In our free choice activities it has been amazing to see the children’s enthusiasm for writing. Some children have been writing speech bubbles, others have been labelling and some have even been having a go at writing their own story books. We literally have been non stop! It was lovely to see you all during the parent meetings.

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