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Reception learn about the world's rainforests

Reception learn about the world's rainforests

ReceptionThis week the children have shown a keen interest in learning about the Rainforests from around the world. We have identified the different layers within the Rainforest, the emergent layer, the canopy, the understorey layer and the forest floor. Using the internet the children have discovered the wide variety of animals who reside in this environment. It has been fun, as part of our Topic this week to listen to the way that dolphins communicate through clicks and whistles. During our practical Maths lessons, Reception have worked hard to identify double numbers up to 10, and some of us even had a go at working out double numbers up to 20. We used decks of cards, board games, interactive whiteboard games and even bean seeds to calculate a variety of double and half numbers. Next week we will be continuing our work on doubling and halving and we will also be looking at Seaside holidays from the past and present. Please can we remind everyone to hand in their ‘Parent Comments’ sheet by Monday.

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