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Reception - learning from each other and exploring cultures

Reception - learning from each other and exploring cultures

The children’s knowledge and understanding of the world has really shone this week as we delved into the festival of lights, Diwali!

Our week of learning started off with a member of Reception taking on the role of the teacher, telling us how he has been celebrating Diwali at home with his family. Through photos uploaded onto Tapestry, we saw him dressed up in his smart clothes, getting the house ready by lighting Diwa lamps and receiving gifts from his family. We loved watching his video of the fireworks his Daddy let off in the garden and listening to his excited “Oooohs and ahhhs” in the background!

In class we have made our own clay diwa lamps and decorated them, designed our own Mendhi patterns on a handprint and listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We have learnt about some of the spices used in Indian cuisine such as turmeric, garam masala and cumin and to end our week we even had a taste of some delicious naan! We have been looking at where India is located on the world map and we have even had a good old dance to some Indian music in true Reception style! Our children have certainly got some great moves. No wonder our weeks are flying by so quickly this term, fun filled days and non stop learning makes reception a very busy place to be! Have a great weekend everyone and a well deserved rest.

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