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Reception - Local community heroes

Reception - Local community heroes

We are so lucky to have met some real life heroes!! We started by walking down to our local fire station where we were met by a community firefighter. He told us all about his role and how important it is to keep people safe in the community. Firefighter Jamie also showed us different types of uniform that each firefighter wears. At the end we got to take home our very own firefighter hat!

We even had two local police officers join us for a morning to talk about the endless roles they take on day to day. We were so lucky to see a real life police car and experience that iconic siren and the famous blue flashing lights.

Oh and we can't forget about the mystery crime scene that appeared over the weekend! The children put their detective caps on and worked together to solve the crime using the evidence left behind by the culprits. They used the protective equipment and magnifying glasses to collect and examine all the evidence.

The children have really benefited from talking to people from a range of professions, a nurse, doctor, writer, film creator, architect, optician support worker, speech and language therapist and a dentist, all volunteers from our local community and our amazing parents. It has really inspired the children to engage in one of these professions when they are older.

The children's learning hasn't just stopped there. We have been busy looking at numbers and shapes over the last few weeks. The children have been investigating how shapes move down a ramp and also how fast they move. Within our Maths lessons we have also been working to improve our number knowledge, looking at sequencing, formation and how to double and half numbers up to 20.

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