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Reception excited to have a special visitor

Reception excited to have a special visitor

Reception have a visitor

We started the week listening out for the rhyming words in our story ‘Dance of the dinosaurs’. We then had a go at sounding out some tricky words all by ourselves and finding its rhyming partner. We had a great morning on Thursday as we ventured down to the field to collect some leaves for an activity next week. All of the children had to collect 5 leaves at a time and we all had a go at counting in 5’s, we even got up to 125!! On Friday we were very lucky to have a visit from Dillon’s little brother for our Science lesson. We have been thinking about how to care for a baby and the things a baby needs. Dillon was very enthusiastic and proud to share baby clothes, photos and first hand knowledge of how he helps to look after his one year old brother. We had a great discussion about many things we couldn’t do as a baby, but have learnt to do now that we are 4 and 5, such as walking, talking, getting dressed and feeding ourselves.

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