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Reception - Separating fact from fiction

Reception - Separating fact from fiction

What a busy week we all had in Reception. We have been learning about fiction and non-fiction books. We searched our homes for our own non-fiction books and learnt about the contents and index pages. We sorted some dinosaur facts into true and false and realised that Miss Topping was trying to trick us on a few. However, we all knew that the dinosaurs didn't become extinct because they ate too much chocolate! That was definitely false. Some of the children had a home visit from a cheeky dinosaur on Thursday, we have the photos to prove it! They were up to all sorts of mischief, standing on tables and chairs and being very rude. Luckily the children in Reception know how to behave beautifully so we were able to keep the dinosaurs in check.

We have also been looking at our daily routines and different times of the day and we even made our own clocks to help us learn to tell the time. The afternoons have been a great time to be creative and this week we were given the challenge to make something out of a cardboard box. We are an imaginative lot in Reception and we had such a mixture of ideas, ranging from ladybirds to rock pools, to enormous boats sailing off to India to a huge castle. The children have enjoyed chatting with each other online, sharing their ideas and most importantly they remembered their smiles throughout. Well done everyone on yet another fun filled week. Enjoy the weekend, let's keep our fingers crossed for a sunny day so we can get outside for some fresh air and explore the wonderful world we live in.

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