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Reception talk about favourite toys

Reception talk about favourite toys

IMG_5907We have really enjoyed talking about our favourite toys this week as part of our new topic. We looked carefully at our toys as we made our own observational drawings, thinking carefully about size, colours and detail. All of the children wrote about their toys and are proud to see their work displayed in the classroom. Christmas production rehearsals have been well under way this week and it has been lovely to see so many children already knowing their lines. On Wednesday we discussed the reason behind why people wear poppies on Armistice Day and the children made their own tissue paper poppies. We were very proud of our Reception children for standing so quietly and respectfully during the whole school assembly and two minute silence. Head of English, Mrs Kemp, really enjoyed listening to all of the children reciting their poem ‘The Toys' Playtime’ on Thursday and we were all impressed with the children’s efforts to speak clearly, loudly and with some expression. Some of the children used their actions too. Well done!

Please can your child practise their play words each night. We are really keen to include actions and movement within the play and this will be achieved much more easily when the children know their words off by heart.

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