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Reception design vessels and see whether they float

Reception design vessels and see whether they float

It was so lovely to see the children bouncing back to school on Monday with a big smile on their faces; all feeling rested and ready to learn. This week we have continued with our ‘Take One Picture’ project. We started by expanding our vocabulary and collecting new descriptive words found in the story ‘Gilbert in the Deep’ by Jane E. Clarke. We learned what an acrostic poem looks like and how it is created. The first letters of each line were used to spell the title of George Bellows’ painting. It was amazing to hear children describing the sea as stormy, choppy or ferocious. We have enjoyed learning a poem that we have written ourselves. Aren’t we amazing?

From poets we became engineers. Our challenge this week was to predict what type of container/vessel would hold the most blocks and still be floating. It was great fun completing various investigations. We have used the newly gained expertise in designing our own vessels. We asked ourselves many questions before making our own 3D models. Thank you for supporting us all the way in our efforts. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you!!!

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