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Reception's First Fortnight

Reception's First Fortnight

Reception have had another busy week continuing on from learning lots of new routines and meeting lots of teachers. We are getting much better at remembering where our belongings go each morning and our playground rules outside. At the beginning of the week we went on a sunny walk into the village, thinking about safety of ourselves and others. We made sure we used our eyes and ears to listen out for and to look for traffic. When we returned to the classroom we were able to create a list of all of the things we could see and hear on our walk and had a great discussion about the changing colours of the leaves in our environment, leading on to a great discussion about Autumn and our seasons. It has been lovely to hear about lots of the children’s interests this week too. James enjoyed sharing his conker collection with the class, while Leo had a fascinating book all about how different things work.

Watch our short video below to see some of the things Reception have been up to during their first fortnight:

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