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Red Nose Day - Friday 24th March

Red Nose Day - Friday 24th March

The School Council hopes that everyone is ready for Red Nose Day!

We will be selling Red Noses around the school from Monday before and after school for a pound. During the week children should be telling their classes their favourite joke (50p per joke).

Each class will then choose their favourite joke which will be presented in assembly.

We have heard some plans for what people are going to do with their hair for crazy hair day on the 24th and are really looking forward to seeing what the children look like. 'Claire's Accessories' are selling Red Nose Day items that may help you to create your hair style.

We will also be eating food with a red theme on that day.

To get you in the mood I have a joke for you:

Mr Clark plays his first ever game of rugby. He wakes up the next day in great pain and decides he had better go to the doctor.

"Hey up Doctor I played my first game of rugby yesterday and I think I have badly hurt myself." He touches his knee with his finger and says that it hurts here, and then he touches the back of his head and says it really hurts here, then he does the same with his foot, his nose, his arm and his leg.

What have I done doctor?

The doctor looks at him and says I know what you have done Mr Clark, you have broken your finger!!!

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