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Regional Schools' Athletics Championships, Stoke Mandeville

Regional Schools' Athletics Championships, Stoke Mandeville

Stoke+Mandeville+Athletics+2015A squad of 24 children from Gateway participated in the 4th Regional Schools’ Athletics Championships, at Stoke Mandeville. There were 20 schools competing, this year, making it the biggest entry in the competition’s history. This event allows children the opportunity to compete in a stadium environment on a synthetic track. Eight children: four boys and four girls from years 4, 5 and 6 made up each squad. Each child is eligible for one track event and one field event and also runs in the 4 x 75m relay. All the track events: 75m, 150m, 600m and relay have heats, with the top 2 or 3 runners/teams qualifying for the finals.

Soon after arriving at the stadium, a light breeze and grey cloud soon dispersed leaving blue skies and sunshine; such a contrast to last year’s cold and rain! Some of the 600m runners found the heat a burden, especially those who had to run for a 2nd time, in the finals.

The children in the track events were cheered on by hundreds of spectators creating a great atmosphere. There were some very close and exciting finishes. There were some superb performances, especially in the 4 x 75m relays where the year 4 and 5 girls and the year 5 boys ran with blistering speed, displaying smooth baton changeovers, to win convincingly.

Several children were disappointed not to reach the finals or do as well in the finals as in their heats but knew they had given their best, on the day, in nerve-wracking conditions, against some very strong opposition.

After the final podium presentation of individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals the team positions were announced: Berkhamsted 3rd, Rushmore 2nd and Gateway 1st. Zach R and Skye M stepped forward, with the rest of the team, to be presented with the cup; our 2nd victory in 4 years!

All the children should be praised for their tremendous effort, team spirit and excellent behaviour. Thanks go, again, to all Gateway’s spectators for their enthusiastic encouragement and to St Teresa’s for organising another great event which allows so many children to experience such a great day out. HJ/LN/DH/AW

Field Results 2015

Standing Triple Jump

Year 4 BoysOli L3rdBronze (4.00m)=
GirlsAbigail H1stGold (5.01m)=
Year 5 BoysCormac N4thBronze (5.35m)=
GirlsJessica C4th (4.42m)
Year 6 BoysZach R1stGold (5.64m)=
GirlsChantel O2ndSilver (5.47m)=

Long Jump

Year 4 BoysMarcus H2nd (3.17m)=Silver (3.17m)=
GirlsJemma T4th (2.56m)=
Year 5 BoysGuy J2nd (3.41m)=Silver (3.42m)
GirlsGeorgia M2nd (3.37m)=Silver (3.32m)
Year 6 BoysJames M4th (3.42m)=
GirlsGeorgina G 4th (3.03m)=

High Jump

Year 4 BoysOakley D4th (98 cm)=
GirlsLucy A4th (98 cm)=
Year 5 BoysAlex P (1.00m)=
GirlsDaisy S (88cm)=
Year 6 BoysSam A4th (1.08m)=
GirlsJessica H (1.00m)=

Nerf Ball Throw

Year 4 BoysJoss K3rd/4th*Bronze (29.25m)=
GirlsAmelia O
Year 5 BoysHector C2nd*Silver (36.00m)
GirlsRoisin G3rdBronze (24.61m)=
Year 6 BoysFreddy B3rd*Bronze (39.58m)
GirlsSkye M1st*Gold (32.08m)=

Track Results 2015

Year 4 BoysOakley DHeat 1st (2.04.87 mins)=Final Gold (2.02.25 mins)=
Oli LayfHeat 3rd (2.13.34 mins)=Final 6th (2.10.94 mins)=
GirlsJemma THeat 1st (2.19.07 mins)=Final 6th (2.21.44 mins)=
Lucy AHeat 7th (2.27.83 mins)=
Year 5 BoysCormac NHeat 2nd (1.59.46 mins)=Final Silver (1.55.93 mins)=
Alex PHeat 3rd (2.00.74 mins)=Final 6th (2.07.38 mins)=
GirlsJessica CHeat 3rd (2.15.37 mins)=Final 6th (2.16.79 mins)=
Roisin GHeat 8th (2.26.02 mins)=
Year 6 BoysZach RHeat 2nd (1.57.06mins)=Final 6th (2.06.77mins)=
Sam AHeat 5th (2.17.78 mins)=
GirlsGeorgina GHeat 7th (2.16.31mins)=
Chantel OHeat 9th (2.21.15mins)=


Year 4 BoysJoss KHeat 2nd (24.12 secs)=Final Silver (23.82 secs)=
GirlsAmelia OHeat 2nd (25.50 secs)=Final Silver (25.34 secs)=
Year 5 BoysGuy JHeat 1st (22.67 secs)=Final 5th (22.16 secs)=
GirlsGeorgia MHeat 3rd (22.99 secs)=Final 5th (23.21 secs)=
Year 6 BoysFreddie BHeat 4th (24.93 secs)=
GirlsSkye MHeat 1st (21.53 secs)=Final Gold (21.05 secs)=


Year 4 BoysMarcus HHeat 4th (12.64 secs)=
GirlsAbi HHeat 1st (11.73 secs)=Final Silver (12.35)=
Year 5 BoysHector CHeat 3rd (11.62 secs)=Final 6th (11.45)=
GirlsDaisy SHeat 2nd (11.50 secs)=Final Bronze (11.31)=
Year 6 BoysJames MHeat 5th (11.58 secs)=
GirlsJessica HHeat 6th (12.44 secs)=

4x75 m Relay

Year 4 BoysHeat 3rd (DB)


Final Silver(51.18 secs)=Marcus H, Oakley D, Joss K, Oli L
GirlsHeat(54.47 secs)=Final Gold(50.79 sec)=Abi H, Lucy A, Amelia O, Jemma T
Year 5 BoysHeat Winners(47.24 secs)=Final Gold(46.69 secs)=Cormac N, Hector C, Alex P, Guy J
GirlsHeat 2nd(47.40 secs)=Final Gold(46.90 secs)=Jessica C, Georgia M, Roisin G, Daisy S
Year 6 BoysHeat 3rd(47.55 secs)=Final 4th(47.16 sec)=Freddie B, Zach R, Sam A, James M
GirlsHeat Winners(48.06 secs)Final Silver(47.71secs)=Jessica H, Georgina G Chantel O, Skye M

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