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Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day

There was a real buzz as I welcomed the children at the front gate this morning, all wearing the most amazing Roald Dahl inspired hats which they had so carefully created. Some were large and lavish and others cute and understated but they all very clearly represented a Roald Dahl character or book. Lots of Willy Wonka’s and Fantastic Foxes arrived along with Enormous Crocodiles and Witches. Next, the playground filled with the senior children who had walked along the path from the carpark parading their magnificent millinery for all to see and Mrs S Kemp to photograph! What a spectacle! Max’s James and the Giant Peach cap, The McMeekin family of crocodiles, The Freeman family tortoises, Peter’s whole face fox, Penelope’s witches hat, Hadleigh’s fox hat and Ellson’s homage to Roald Dahl the author

The teachers had prepared some Roald Dahl themed lessons and the children have been very industriously engaged in: making cardboard crocodile collages to develop cutting skills (Rec), inventing new sweet treats while using senses in a chocolate factory (Yr 1), investigating the way Roald Dahl uses words to create his ‘gobblefunk’ language (yr 2), building dens out in the woodland (yr 3), a Roald Dahl character investigation in maths and investigating a Galapagos tortoise habitat (yr 4), developing listening skills and precise vocabulary using Danny the Champion of the World (yr 5), adapting a sweet recipe in maths and identifying quotes from Roald Dahl texts ( yr 6), various Roald Dahl book titles/film trailers in German (Guess the English title) (MFL). What a very busy day we have all had.

A Roald Dahl assembly highlighted Roald Dahl’s poetry and his clever use of rhyme and contained links to some quizzes.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped and participated with such enthusiasm to make this a special day for our Gateway children. Laura Kemp.

Here are a few photos from the day.

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