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School Parking Advisory from Thames Valley Police

School Parking Advisory from Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police

Great Missenden Neighbourhood Police Team

Tel: 101 (Non Emergency)

September 2014

Reference: Advisory School Parking – Gt Missenden Neighbourhood Police Team (NHPT)

Firstly welcome back to a new school year. We thought that we would drop you a short note to set out our expectations with regard to parking outside or near to schools at pick up and drop off times.

For those not already aware there are some very clear guidelines set out within the ‘Highway Code’ that give direction on parking restrictions. The rules that are most prevalent to school parking are as follows:

Rule 243 DO NOT stop or park

  • Near a school entrance
  • Anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services
  • Opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a road junction, except in an authorised parking space
  • Where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles
  • In front of an entrance to a property (residential driveways)
  • On a bend

Rule 244 MUST NOT park partially or wholly on the pavement (unless signs permit)

Parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs of with visual impairments, or people with prams or wheelchairs.

Your school works very closely with the local Police teams to ensure that the above rules are adhered too and that the areas directly around the school are a safe environment for you, your children and the whole community.

Failure to comply with the above rules will be dealt with robustly by the local Police, by means of a £30 FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice).

Please remember to always park considerately and responsibly at all times.

The safety of your children is paramount to us and we hope that by adhering to the above practices, your children will have a happy, healthy and safe time throughout their time at this school.

Yours faithfully,

Gt Missenden Neighbourhood Police Team

Thames Valley Police

Tel: 101


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