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Seniors - E-Safety

Seniors - E-Safety

In ICT in Years 5 and 6 we are looking at E-Safety for the first half term. The children will be looking at video clips that are designed to teach them about issues such as, keeping information safe, viruses, gaming, cyber-bullying and who they should tell if they are unsure about any issues that they are confronted with online. We are using ‘Google Classroom’ to view the clips and record what we have learnt in each of the lessons. The Year 6s are also creating presentations to show what they have learnt in this topic. I have included links below for the clips that we are using as a focus for our learning. It would be useful if you were able to chat with your children about what they are learning.

The Year 5 children are using

The Year 6 children are using

To help keep parents informed about e-safety issues we have added a link to ‘Parent Info’, a website designed for parents by CEOPS, to the Parent section of our website. The site is regularly updated with interesting articles, there is currently a very good article on ‘Minecraft’ which you might find interesting.

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