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Take One Picture

Take One Picture

Today sees the culmination of weeks of cross-curricular work on the National Gallery Take One Picture project. Throughout Preschool and School pupils have been taking a deep dive into Claude-Joseph Vernet’s 'Shipwreck in Stormy Seas' painting and today the results are on display in our hall.

There is a magnificent array of work on show including lightboxes, videos, a top trump set and a lot of handmade rats! Each class has delved into the painting and explored the area that most piqued their interest. Teachers then facilitated the groups to create a display to represent their investigations. They’ve used their Maths, Geography, Art, D&T, English and a whole host of other curriculum skills to create some truly fabulous masterpieces. Each one reflects the children’s curiosities and our teachers’ expert coordination.

If you are free between 3 and 6pm today pop along and take a look.

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