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Take One Picture

Take One Picture

Gateway School is thrilled to be participating in the @nationalgallery #TakeOnePicture initiative again this year!

Each day this week, we unveiled a piece of this year's painting to the children, sparking creativity ready for the big painting reveal at the end of the week.

The program, designed for primary schools, aims to ignite a lifelong love for art and learning among children. For those unfamiliar, Take One Picture encourages cross-curricular work across schools. It becomes a catalyst for a range of subjects, sparking imagination and fostering a deeper understanding of the chosen artwork.

The result is a spectacular display in March that showcases the collective creativity. We can't wait to see the unique interpretations and inventive projects that will emerge from this year's Take One Picture.

The focus painting for this year is 'The Courtyard of a House in Delft' by Pieter de Hooch. The picture was chosen by children and teachers across the country. They were particularly interested in the identities and relationships of the figures, and de Hooch's detailed and realistic depiction of architecture.

Children said they found the painting relatable and intriguing, asking questions such as: 'Who are the people?' 'Do they live in the door?' 'What is through the alleyway?' and 'Why has the brick got writing on it?'

The painting can be used to make links between art and subjects across the curriculum including maths, science, literacy and history.

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