The chicks have hatched! | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

The chicks have hatched!

The chicks have hatched!

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We have had a very exciting few days in T1 as 23 of our eggs have hatched into beautiful, fluffy chicks. On Tuesday at 3:47 pm little Una struggled from her shell; a wet, slimy scrap. By Wednesday morning she was a yellow ball of down and joined in the incubator by 3 playmates. From then on, we had a hatching every hour or so and all of the children in 4KRJ were mesmerised. Each one has individual markings and there are three different breeds. All of the class have had a chance to name and hold their own little chick and are taking it in turns to feed and water them.

Please come in tomorrow during the ‘Summer Fair’ and open day to have a close look at them

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