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Year 2 - Weight…..weight…..don’t tell me!

Year 2  - Weight…..weight…..don’t tell me!

After a restful bank holiday weekend, Year 2 have been straight back to business this week. Our mathematicians have been busy using weights and scales to measure mass. We began by exploring how heavy an adult shoe was compared to a child’s shoe. Children made some impressive estimations, when asked to guess how many blocks might weigh the same as one of the shoes. We then used the balance scales to measure a range of school shoes and trainers within our classrooms. Later in the week, we moved on to explore the feel of grams and kilograms and discussed how these are used around the world to measure weight. We found out that kilograms are used to measure heavy things such as people, and grams are used to measure light things such as food.

At home this weekend, it would be fantastic for the children to put their new skills to use. If there is any cooking or baking taking place, perhaps children can help to weigh out the ingredients for a recipe, where the amounts are multiples of 100g.

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