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Witches and Wizards

Witches and Wizards

There was a real ‘hubble, bubble’ around school today as we all dressed up for ‘Witches’ and Wizards’ Day’. I was so impressed with all the wonderful costumes and the creativity demonstrated with a wardrobe, the flying car from Harry Potter and a computer wizard to name just a few. My weather spell worked like a dream and we were able to hold our witches parade in glorious sunshine in front of many admiring parents.

Mr Mitchener and the Junior Choir presented two spooky songs which we all thoroughly enjoyed hearing.

Lessons had a magical, witchy theme and the children have been busy making besom brooms, wands, potions and spells using lots of maths measuring skills. They have read stories and poems and Year 5 thought about the characteristics of witches with a lesson entitled -What makes a witch a witch? The PE department pulled out all the stops and had the Year 4 children playing quidditch on hockey sticks.

Mr Lloyd brought the trainee Japanese witch, Kiki, to his MFL lessons and the children loved watching a short video about her, all in Japanese!

Theme days such as these create wonderful memories for the children.

Please keep the potions and spells coming in. I will be judging next Friday.

Thank you to parents, staff and children for all their enthusiastic support. Here are a few photos.

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