World Book Day 2018 | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018

When World Book Day finally came to Gateway this year, we had two gloriously sunny days which made the perfect backdrop for our costume parade on Friday morning. We were able to hold it outside on the court and many of the senior children enjoyed joining in too. What a wonderful array of costumes we saw with many children talking excitedly about the character they had come dressed as.

The theme this time was ‘Houses and Homes’ and in assembly we looked at different types of homes for both humans and animals and considered how lucky we all are to live a warm, safe place where we can grow and learn. We found out about the threat to Hedgehog homes from the book ‘Say Hi to Hedgehogs!’ by Jane McGuiness and what small changes we can make in our gardens to help them thrive. They are after all a gardener’s friend as they eat the insects and slugs that destroy plants.

Did you know that we have only 1.5 million left in the UK! In 2000 there were 3 million and in 1960 30 million.

During lessons children read a variety of books; from Percy The Park Keeper - After the Storm in Reception to an extract from Great Expectations (Miss Havisham's Victorian house) By Charles Dickens in Year 5. Mrs O’Hare’s class had a quiz on animal homes and she was very impressed with their knowledge.

Mrs Kemp challenged the children to name as many different homes - animal or human - and send them to her.

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