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Year 1 children take an interest in gardening

Year 1 children take an interest in gardening

What an exciting week Year 1 have had! In this week the children became keen gardeners and spent their lesson looking for possible planting spaces around the school. They each planted lettuce and spinach seeds in the hope that we will be able to eat these when they have grown! The children thought about the possible problems of planting in a shady area and also the benefits. Evan said, “In a shadier and more hidden area there will probably not be as many birds trying to eat the seeds.” This was a lesson which involved lots of revision of themes already covered and also a chance for the children to work practically with their friends. Later on in the week the children spent an afternoon rehearsing for the summer play, focusing mainly on the acting. Both teachers and children agreed that this went very well indeed and we have some amazing characterisation forming - look out! On Thursday the children and staff from EYU to Year 1 all took part in a ‘Muddy Fun Run’ with the aim to raise lots of money for The Ronald McDonald House in Oxford. The children were amazing and worked together to be able to complete the course, lots of fun was had!

Next week we will be visiting Peterley Farm on Thursday 16th June in the morning. The children will be back for lunchtime and a letter will be sent out nearer the time giving details.

At home you might like to help your child to practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. You could ask them to find out how many groups of something make a number and also to count groups to work out multiplication problems.

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