Year 1 build bird nests… | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 1 build bird nests in Forest School

Year 1 build bird nests in Forest School

The week started with lots of excitement talking about the Royal Wedding, the children thought the little princesses and princes were very lucky to help Megan by holding her train and taking her flowers in the church. In English we have been focusing on punctuation and grammar. We have refreshed our knowledge on prefixes and suffixes (un, ing, ed). Using the singular and plural tense (adding s and es) this is a tricky concept but the children were very proud of their hard work. In Maths we have been focusing on money, making amounts using different coin combinations. In Science the children have been delighted with their sunflower growth and are hoping they will continue to grow well in your gardens at home! We were busy in Forest School, looking at a real Long tail tit’s nest, we were amazed that it was built using hair, feathers, moss and twigs. The children enjoyed building their own birds nests, working delicately with a group.

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