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Year 1 create Autumn sense poems

Year 1 create Autumn sense poems

What a busy week Year 1 have had! In English we were creating our own Autumn sense poems using great adjectives to describe things that we see, hear, smell, touch or taste. In Maths we were focusing on subtraction within ten. We have explored subtraction in a range of scenarios. We have practised counting how many are left, breaking apart a whole and finding the difference. In Science we continued our discovery about the senses and this week we were thinking about sound (and hearing). There was a lot of crash, bang, ting in Year 1 classes. We looked at different types of instruments and discussed ways in which the instruments make a noise. We were fascinated when two maracas made very different sounds and came up with interesting ideas as to why. We had a great time exploring whether the quantity and/or materials make an effect on the sound produced by filling bottles with a range of materials. At the end of our lesson we had a little concert using our own instruments.

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