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Year 1 act out their own tales with 'Puppet Pals'

Year 1 act out their own tales with 'Puppet Pals'

In English this week our focus has been on Fairy Tales. In ICT with the aid of the program ‘Puppet Pals’ we became the characters in one of these tales and using a play script acted out the story. This was great fun and meant that we enjoyed furthering our skills in reading aloud with fluency, accuracy and expression as well as developing skills in ICT. Even Mrs Ross managed to create a finished video!

In Maths, the week started with some problem solving and finished with estimating a number of raisins which then had to be eaten.

In Science we completed our topic of Materials where we have learnt lots of things about materials whether they are magnetic, natural or man-made, transparent or opaque or even translucent but of course the favourite activity was making a waterproof jacket for Teddy!

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