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Year 1 children explore Angling Spring Woods

Year 1 children explore Angling Spring Woods

Year 1 cOn the morning of the 12th, Year One spent a happy and productive time being ‘Explorers’ in Angling Spring Woods. Kitted out in waterproofs and wellingtons we set off to have some exciting adventures. Once there, having walked beautifully and sensibly to our venue, we had to pass some trials before we could officially be declared Explorers by Mrs Palmer Jones. These trials involved returning to our leaders at the sound of a bird call, counting out down the line and being different animals such as giraffes, gazelles and lions in relay races. Luckily we all passed!

We then completed a forest survey to find the oldest tree in our part of the woods. We did this by measuring the diameter of the trees with string and we had fun comparing our lengths of string. We were also lucky enough to see the annual growth rings in a tree that had been cut down.

Finally, we had to work together as a group to build a shelter because of course, Explorers need a place to rest at the end of the day. The teamwork between the children was fantastic and everyone played a meaningful part in the making of our magnificent den. We, as teachers were thrilled to see the children behave so well and become so involved in all these activities.

At home please could you continue to practise the Christmas play lines. Thank you.

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