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Year 1 children are getting very Christmassy

Year 1 children are getting very Christmassy

This week things have been getting Christmassy in Year 1, everyone has been counting down the number of sleeps before our Christmas play! The children have been practising hard and are very excited for the big performance.The children have been rushing in each morning to describe what has been in their advent calendar that morning. In English, the children have been using adjectives to describe Father Christmas and his ‘big, fluffy, curly snow white beard’. Describing their Christmas decorations and tree ornaments has lead to interesting debates about whether we should have a star or an angel on the top of our trees and what each thing represents. The children have been enthusiastically writing lists and letters to Father Christmas telling them what they are most looking forward to on Christmas day and in the Christmas holidays; most of these ideas involving eating food, presents and games. In Maths, the children have been bankers counting money and adding money in their piggy banks. They have been exchanging pennies with a banker for larger coins and have been putting coins in their order of amount. All week we have been singing our Christmas play songs, so we hope you have enjoyed them at home!

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