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Year 1 children visit Barnardo's

Year 1 children visit Barnardo's

Thank you all for your kind donations to the charity shop. On Wednesday we walked down to Barnardo’s in Great Missenden, to learn about another form of recycling - ‘re-using’. The children proudly gave their donations to Sharelle, who was running the shop and she thanked them. She told us all about the charity which supports children. Thomas Barnardo founded the charity in 1866, to help the poor children of London.

Nowadays, the charity sells donated clothes, toys and books to raise money to help 200,000 children every year. We had a look in the stock room and learnt how they sort the donations. The oldest clothes are sold as rags, the items that are out of season are stored until they can be sold. Everything else is labelled with a date and price and displayed in the shop. We found out that the shop only stocks items for two weeks before moving them on to another store. The children had their eyes on lots of toys and games they saw in the shop, so might like to take their pocket money in to spend this weekend.
The children were really well behaved and polite in the shop which made us very proud.

Next week: Teddy Tuesday - please bring in a teddy from home, we will be designing a waterproof coat our teddies can wear, as the weather has been so wet.

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