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Year 1 children visit local church

Year 1 children visit local church

The children in Year 1 had a very exciting start to their week as on Monday we went to visit a church! We went to St Peter and St Paul’s church in Great Missenden where we found out what happens at a baptism. Some children pretended to be a mummys, daddys and godparents and made a special promise to the baby. All of the guests on the pews had to also agree to the promise. Also this week, in English, the children have been learning about settings and how they can be described. The children have been coming up with a range of interesting adjectives to describe various settings. At the end of the week they made a short film, using the Puppet Pals app, where they had to record themselves describing their setting with descriptive language! Our focus this week in Maths has been shape. We have been learning to identify 2D shapes, understand Venn and Caroll diagrams and also find lines of symmetry.

At home you might like to continue practising lines with your child. We will of course help them during the rehearsals but to make them go smoother it would be great if your child could become confident saying them without any prompting. Asking your child to stand at the other end of a room while you listen may help them to begin to project their voice.

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