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Year 1 continue to have fun with the Gruffalo story

Year 1 continue to have fun with the Gruffalo story

This week we have carried on with the Gruffalo story. We had fun adapting the story by changing one of the characters before we had the challenge of writing the story independently. The children used some fantastic story language and had a range of different character adaptations.

In maths we looked deeper at numbers to 10 and learned different ways of ordering objects. We had a lot of fun putting people in order and labelling them with the words ‘first, second, third etc.’ We were then eager to use our new ordering language in the playground, where we discussed who was first, second, third etc. in the line.

We are enjoying our topic lessons and this week we created an aerial map of our school. We walked around the whole school and looked at all the different areas. We then came back to class and worked together to draw our own aerial map with a key. The children would love to draw an aerial map of their local area.

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