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Year 1 decide whether to recycle or reuse?

Year 1 decide whether to recycle or reuse?

Year 1

This week the children have been furthering their learning of materials in both Science and Topic lessons! On Monday the children worked hard to decide whether a variety of objects from a plastic bottle to a banana skin could be recycled or reused. There were some really interesting comments made such as “The banana skin could rot down and be made into compost eventually” and “plastic can be reused and turned into a duvet cover as I know that has bits of plastic in it”. The children have really got stuck in with this subject and have all become great investigators! It didn’t stop there and on Tuesday the children learnt the definitions for ‘manmade’ and ‘natural’. They spotted things around them that could fit into either category and then sorted through some photographs placing them carefully into the correct part of their grid. Lots of learning was had by all! The children continued their learning of ‘recycling’ in English when they wrote letters, in the first person, pretending to be the old man in the story of ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward. Here the children went wild with their imaginations and used lots of describing words to emphasise the beauty of an untouched world where unwanted things become part of nature.

At home you might like to encourage your child to practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as this will help with our counting and adding on in Maths.

Next week, on Friday, we have a Maths day. This will be a chance for the children to showcase their problem solving skills and get involved with some exciting Maths games! We are all really looking forward to it!

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