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Year 1 demonstrate their magnificent mathematical skills

Year 1 demonstrate their magnificent mathematical skills

Year 1 have really shown their magnificent mathematical skills this week. They have learnt a new strategy called ‘strong arm counting’ where they place the larger number in their head and count on to solve a given number sentence. The children had lots of fun playing addition games to utilise their new method of adding.

In English the children have had another great week of fairy tales. The children have enjoyed discussing the similarities and differences between the language, the settings and the various characters used in each story. This week children had a closer look at the story Cinderella, where they successfully used a flow map of pictures to retell parts of the story using simple sentences. We then used the story further in our Drama lesson where the children had the opportunity to ‘hot seat’ different characters from Cinderella. We had some great questions during our hot seating session, here are a few we would like to share;

“Fairy Godmother how old are you?” (Charlie),

“Fairy Godmother did you know that Cinderella needed help to go to the ball?” (Clara)

and “What is it like to be a Prince?” (Alice)

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