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Year 1 design their own terrible creatures

Year 1 design their own terrible creatures

This week Year 1 have been reading the Gruffalo story by Julia Donaldson. The children designed their own terrible creature and used adjectives to describe their creations. There were lots of sharp teeth, slimy scales, prickly horns and googly eyes. In Maths we have been learning about 1 more than and 1 less than. We have also been looking at patterns in numbers and doubling up to and beyond 10. In Science we did lots of practical sorting of pictures relating to living and nonliving objects. We discussed if pencils, rocks and plants were living or nonliving - lots of interesting comments from the children such as when Harriet said ‘This pencil was living when it was a tree.’ Hadleigh knew that rocks are nonliving but that the fossil in the rock used to be a living animal. Well done to everybody for learning spellings, a very positive start. Thank you for your help with this and for reminding your children to bring their homework book in.

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