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Year 1 enjoy a trip to the Barnardo's charity shop

Year 1 enjoy a trip to the Barnardo's charity shop

We have had a very exciting week with an ample amount of learning and Friday Number Day fun! One of the highlights of this week was also our trip to a charity shop Barnardo’s where we learnt about reusing. It was very interesting to see that most of the things in the shop were second hand, we saw lots of things we would like to buy. The people who run the shop are volunteers and they take it in turns to work different days. When someone donates an item it is taken into the storage area and sorted. Once it has been priced it can be displayed on the shelves in the shop but only for a couple of weeks. If it isn’t bought it will be sent to another Barnardo’s shop to be displayed there. This means that the stock is constantly changing and there is always something new to buy. Anything not sold is recycled where possible.

We would like to thank you for all the donations from home. Everyone was very proud to contribute to a good cause.The money raised by Barnardo’s goes to help children in the U.K. We were very well behaved and asked lots of interesting questions. We would love to go back with our pocket money if you could take us.

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