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Year 1 enjoy making Diva Lamps

Year 1 enjoy making Diva Lamps

This week we have been learning about sound, thinking about high and low pitch sounds and their sources. We recorded the sounds on a bar chart so that we could compare our results. This links with the work they have been doing in music. In maths we have been using our knowledge of number bonds to work out subtraction sums.

Year 1 craft club enjoyed making Diva lamps for Diwali on Tuesday when Mr Mistry came in to tell us the story of Rama, Sita and Hanuman the monkey.

At home Please can you help us learn our poems as we will be saying them individually to Mrs Kemp next week.

Next week we will be making musical instruments using junk modelling. On Monday, please could you send in the ‘junk’ that your child would like to use to make their instrument.

The Story of Diva Lamps

Once upon a time, a long long time ago there was an Indian prince called Prince Rama. He was soon to marry Princess Sita. One day Prince Rama and Princess Sita were walking in the forest when Sita got lost. She was found by an evil prince called Ravana. Prince Ravana was mean and so he had no friends and was very lonely. Prince Ravana took Princess Sita back to his castle and said she could only play with him, and no-one else. Princess Sita was very sad and cried. Meanwhile, back in the forest Prince Rama was looking everywhere for Princess Sita, he was worried and did not know what to do. He asked all of his friends for help. One of his friends was the king of the monkeys – his name was Hanuman. Hanuman had magic powers and just like a superhero he could fly. Hanuman flew all over India looking for Sita but could not find here anywhere. Then Hanuman listened very carefully, using his super hearing. Far, far way he could hear Princess Sita crying. He followed the sound of crying and found Prince Ravana’s castle and Princess Sita. Prince Rama came at once, scared Prince Ravana away and rescued Princess Sita.

Prince Rama and Princess Sita were so far away from home that the quickest way to get back to Prince Rama’s castle was by flying on the back of a swan. Unfortunately they did not know which way to go, and it was getting dark. Then Hanuman had an idea. He flew along the path back to Prince Rama’s castle and asked people to light diva and leave them on their doorsteps. The divas left a path of light for Prince Rama to follow. Prince Rama and Princess Sita sat on the swan, flew high in the sky and followed the path of light back to their castle. They were soon married and live happily ever after. To this day people still light divas to remember helping Prince Rama and Princess Sita find their way home.

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