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Year 1 enjoy 'pancake Maths'

Year 1 enjoy 'pancake Maths'

The week started off with some fantastic swimming, some children jumping into the pool, others extremely proud of themselves swimming for the first time with no floats. Take one picture week has been enjoyed in many aspects. In English we have been focusing on the carnation flowers within the painting. The children have enjoyed examining and smelling the flowers, makings lots of considered observations:

Rufus, ‘they smell sensitive’
Saskia, ‘beautiful soft petals and tight green buds’
Zach, ‘their perfume is delicious’
Iola, ‘they are as white as snow drops’

Lots of lovely descriptive words have been used to create stunning carnation poems, which we hope you will come to see on the exhibition day. This week in Maths we have been looking at doubling and halving numbers as well as fractions. The children enjoyed their introductory fraction lesson using pancakes to half and quarter the circle shape. In Science we have dyed some carnations, hoping to see how they change colour depending on their water, most are hoping that a rainbow will appear. We look forward to World Book Day next Friday and seeing the the children's costumes.

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