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Year 1 enjoy the magic of fairy tales

Year 1 enjoy the magic of fairy tales

This week, the children have continued to enjoy reading fairy tales and they have been thinking of questions some of the characters from Cinderella might have asked. They then had to remember correct punctuation when recording them in speech bubbles. “Where have you come from?” “Whose foot can fit this little glass slipper?” “What time is it?” “Why do you need a large pumpkin?” “How can I go to the ball in this ragged dress?” are some of their great suggestions.

In ICT, the children photographed some paper puppets of Cinderella characters which they had made and then, using the app ‘Puppetpals’, they created a fairytale scene. They added their photo character to the scene, moving them across the screen. They also recorded the voices for their scene. We enjoyed watching the scenes being played back.

The children used their puppets again later that day in Drama, and in groups, they retold the story of Cinderella. They learnt that not everyone can talk at once and they need to listen to each other, otherwise the story becomes muddled and difficult to follow. It was an entertaining afternoon!

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