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Year 1 enjoy a trip to a supermarket

Year 1 enjoy a trip to a supermarket

This week started with a trip to Waitrose in Rickmansworth. The children were delighted to be travelling by minibus with Mr Phil and Mrs Kemp driving. The children were given a VIP tour of the shop floor: finding the origins of fruit and vegetables on the packets, having a cheese quiz with the cheese expert, looking at the different cuts of fish and where they come from on the fish counter and looking at the variety of meats on the deli counter. Behind the scenes of the shop the children looked in the different food store rooms including a giant freezer of -23oC, the children were ecstatic to be allowed to stand in it and count to 5! Watching the recycling in the shop was also eye opening, seeing the rubbish being squashed into tiny cubes ready to be taken away on large pallets. The tasting session began with the ‘dairy’ food group, the children tried cheeses from different countries, looking at flags and guessing which cheese came from what country. Exotic fruits from all over the world were next with children intrigued by the flavour of figs. Thank you again Mrs Bailey we had a fabulous trip at your store.

In English, we have been looking at the alphabet and making acrostic alphabet poems. In Maths, the children have been adding 3 numbers and recognising their number bonds to 10. For topic and RE we have been looking at crops, grains and harvesting; we tried different cereal grains and chose our favourites. In Forest school and Science we have been planting wild flowers and sunflower seeds, which fingers crosses will start to grow in the classroom!

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