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Year 1 enjoy using dictionaries

Year 1 enjoy using dictionaries

Year 1 have really enjoyed this week! In English the children have been learning to use dictionaries and find definitions in them. The children began the week learning the order of the alphabet and ordering words into alphabetical order, which they did very well. Towards the end of the week, once the children had really got the hang of it we had a competition to see which group could find a word the fastest in the dictionary! Some were tricky and involved them having to look at the second letter along to locate it! In Maths this week the children have been working on adding 3 numbers together, using apparatus and also in their head! They were excited whenever they noticed a bond to 10 or some doubles within their number as it meant that they could solve it much quicker! Science was a chance for the children to look at their sunflowers and measure how much they have grown! The children loved doing this and have been proudly filling in their sunflower diaries.

At home you might like to continue helping your child to learn their play lines as we are starting to use the hall a lot more now and it won’t be long until we are learning the songs and dances as well!

Next week the children will be visiting Pizza Express for the morning on Tuesday 10th May, they will have the chance to learn about where the ingredients come from and make their own perfect pizza!

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