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Year 1 enjoy a week of poetry

Year 1 enjoy a week of poetry

The children have enjoyed a week of poetry, learning their year one poem and adding expression and actions, as well as writing their own poems. With bonfire night and fireworks as an exciting stimulus, we have created our own poems using onomatopoeia. We had great fun matching the words to the sounds fireworks make! Diwali was the focus in RE, Kimaya brought in her beautiful Saris for us to try on and explained the use of Rangoli patterns to decorate the door steps of houses during Diwali. During Forest school we found some beautiful autumn leaves and enjoyed identifying them and drawing them. In science we worked in groups to help the princess cover the pea to make her bed more comfortable. We counted out 128 blankets before we thought the bed was comfy enough to sleep on. We compared different fabrics and made predictions about how well we thought they would protect the princess.

At the beginning of next week we will be presenting The Sound Collector poem individually.

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