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Year 1 explore the animals in Take One Picture

Year 1 explore the animals in Take One Picture

What an exciting week Year 1 have had! We kicked off the week learning all about Roelandt Savery and looking at the painting of ‘Orpheus’! The children loved the scenery and all the exciting animals that featured in it. The children thought about what they might like to find out about the painting and questions like ‘What country is the painting of?’ and ‘Where did all the animals come from?’. The children then had a go at creating their own mystical animal using clay and lots of bits and pieces. We encouraged the children to give their new pet a name and think about ways of describing it. The children were very excited to put their animal into our puppet theatre! This led nicely into our Science work where the children had to classify their animal. We had ideas such as ‘It has four legs, it is a mammal and is nocturnal!’ We have put together a lovely book with all of the children’s classifications that you will enjoy looking at next week. The fun didn't stop there and tally charts were created and there was lots of enthusiasm as the children tried to speak to each other to ask them a frequency question based on the painting! In Maths, we measured the capacity of containers in milliliters We look forward to showing you all of our lovely work soon at the Take One Picture Exhibition.

At home you might like to help your child learn their lines for the Celebration Assembly. Once they feel secure in what they have to say they will be able to add in expression and possibly actions!

Next week the children will be looking at non - fiction texts in their English lessons and creating their own book all about houses and homes on ‘Book Creator’ in ICT.

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