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Year 1 focus on following instructions

Year 1 focus on following instructions

It has been an exciting start to the term in Year 1. In English the children have been learning to give, follow and write their own instructions. They started by ordering and sequencing instructions of how to get ready for school. Then, later on in the week, they followed instructions as to how to make a jam sandwich and then finished the lesson by eating the sandwich! In Science, the children have begun learning about plants. On Tuesday they each planted their own sunflower, after listening to the instructions, and began recording in their sunflower diary. Maths has been focused on adding and subtracting 10 and 1 from 2 - digit numbers. The children made number crosses and noticed that when they add or subtract a ten the units always stay the same. Our first Topic lesson on Monday got the children all talking about farms and what they know and they spent time designing their own ‘bird’s eye view’ of their farm.

Next week we will be continuing our work on instructions and creating instructions to look after our own farm animal!

At home you might like to challenge your child to work out 10/1 less/more than any 2 - digit number.

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