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Year 1 have fun at the discovery centre

Year 1 have fun at the discovery centre

What a busy week we have had in Year one. We celebrated Roald Dahl day on Monday; the children enjoyed acting as if they were Mr Twit, making hairy beards covered in stinky cheese, smelly sardines and bits of dirt.
Everyone was very excited for our first school trip in Year One; we went to the Discovery Centre in Bracknell for a super science day. The day started with the ‘Brilliant Brain Show’ where the children enjoyed learning how big their brain was and the amazing things our brain does for us. After the show we explored different sensory rooms, each room containing different things to discover using our senses. The children learnt about their brain and body throughout the day, enjoying building a house on a building site, splashing boats down a river, chasing spotlights in a dance machine and jumping in front of a shadow camera. There were lots of magical moments, the mystery behind a floating ball blowing everyone’s minds! We had lots of tired children on the way home with many having a coach snooze all the way back to school.
Continuing our topic of Ourselves, we enjoyed using our senses at Forest school, smelling the freshly cut grass, hearing the wind in the trees, spotting dinosaurs in the clouds and feeling the bark of trees making wax crayon rubbings. The children were delighted saying goodbye to our Forest school tree, as we waved the tree waved its branches back!

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