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Year 1 have a great time directing their iPads in Maths!

Year 1 have a great time directing their iPads in Maths!

Year 1 have had a lovely end to the half term this week. They begun the week writing thank you letters to Mr Dyson in their English lessons. The children all loved our trip last week and wanted to let Mr Dyson know how much fun they had there! The children wrote about the milking parlour, the pond dipping and the famous snail race! In Maths the children have been working on money in Maths, specifically they have been thinking of the best way of paying for things. Earlier in the week they had a challenge to pay for items using different amounts of coins each time - it did involve lots of thinking! In Topic we were learning about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and many of the children were keen to explain why it should be the largest part of our plate. Lots of excitement was also had in Maths when the Beebots were unleashed in the Year 1 classrooms. The children worked with their partners to make the Beebots travel in all sorts of directions, some were even having a race. This has fitted in really well with our work in ICT on coding. The children are learning all about left and right and finding out how to make things move.

When the children come back from half term we will be holding our ‘Mini Mudder’ on the school field, to raise money for Ronald Mcdonald House, at 11am on Thursday 9 June. We hope to see lots of you there.

At home you might like to decide with your child on a costume for the summer play. It can be anything at all as long as it resembles that character! Please help your child to practise their lines and use expression!

Finally, after half term Mrs Outten will be hatching ducks in Year 1. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who would like to have 2 - 4 fluffy new additions to keep please contact on

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