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Year 1 head to The Chiltern Open Air Museum

Year 1 head to The Chiltern Open Air Museum

Year 1 have had such an exciting week! In Science the children explored floating and sinking using their bath toys. As a challenge they had to create a shape out of clay that would float in the water. They predicted whether a ball of clay would float and many children thought that it would not because it was too ‘heavy’ and ‘solid’. After a few goes the children collectively decided that a boat shape would work best if it had a wide, flat surface and tall sides. The fun didn't stop there though, on Wednesday the children had a fun filled day at The Chiltern Open Air Museum where they took part in a range of activities all based around homes from the past! One of the children's favourite was the visit to an Iron Age house where they were hosted by an Iron Age lady! The children learnt all about life 2000 years ago and the sort of jobs they would have had to do back then. They took part in bread making, butter making and clay pot making - most children agreed they would rather be a 2016 child than an Iron Age child! Another highlight of the week was when the children performed in the celebration assembly, they were fabulous! We would like to thank everyone for their help with costumes and line learning it really paid off!

Next week the children will be taking part in lots of Easter activities in their classrooms!

At home you might like to talk to your child about the forces around them. They could explain how their toy moves or why their bath toy floats! This will consolidate their learning in Science!

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