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Year 1 - Jam before butter?

Year 1 - Jam before butter?

The children have been learning how to write and follow instructions in our English lessons.

We started by thinking about how a jam sandwich is made and the order of events. Can you put jam on first before butter? Can you cut the bread before you butter and add jam? What do you need to do before you start? What do you need to do at the end after having eaten the sandwich.... the washing up?!

The good news is that the children were very enthusiastic and are keen to practise their new skills at home so lets hope the weather improves enough for a picnic.

In our Maths lessons this week, we were learning to tell the time. There is a lot to learn including revising the order of the days of the week and answering questions such as the day before, day after, tomorrow and yesterday. We made cardboard clocks and practised reading the time and moving the hands to make the correct time.

Finally, advance warning for you. The children are about to learn about the different body parts and names. It's part of the Learning for Life programme which we build on and develop every year. Please don’t be alarmed if your child is practising their new anatomical vocabulary at home; it's a valuable part of their learning!

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